Friday, 22 February 2013

OMICS Publishing Group Conference on Bio Products

Introduction to OMICS Publishing Group on “Bioproducts”:

                Bioproducts are the products which are made with some elements of biological or renewable materials. The bioproducts is applicable to inputs which are derived from biological sources, including agriculture and food processing. Forestry is also another potential source for biological materials.

Main Idea of the conference:

image showing OMICS Publishing Group's conference Bio-products
                As we seen here bioproducts are divided into three categories including Bioenergy, biomaterials and biochemicals. The OMICS conference on bioproducts discusses the approach to making optimum usage of the materials from plants and animals.


                The liquid fuels such as ethanol and biodiesel are used as bioenergy. The solid biomass is for combustion to generate heat and power. Gaseous fuel such as biogas and syngas, which can be used to generate heat and power are also consumed as part of bioproducts. The OMICS Conference on Bioproducts deals with the latest trends in bioenergy, biomaterials and biochemicals.


                These include plant oils and sugars, the biofoams and biorubber are from plant. In addition to these, the class of biocomposites is manufactured from forestry fibres that part of door panel and automobiles. The concept of biomaterials and their utility is discussed in detail at the OMICS Conference of Bioproducts.


                The biochemicals which are used in industrial purpose which are basic and specialty chemicals and resins, including paints, lubricants and solvents. The biochemicals which are used in pharmaceuticals of antibodies and vaccines ; and those used in biocosmetics in soaps, body creams and lotions. The underlying manufacturing processes are outlined through tracks and themes by the experts at the probiotics conference.

Why Bioproducts?

                The production of bio-based products provides the opportunity to benefit all members in the value chain, offering farmers and food processors additional markets for commodities and byproducts. In particular, primary producers may realize increased economic gains from bio-based materials derived from products that they generate, many of which have been considered "waste" materials in the past. Bioproducts growth can offer economic, environmental and health benefits. This international conference on bioproducts which is conducted by OMICS Publishing Group in USA.

Some Benefits of Bioproducts:

                The socioeconomic benefits of bioproducts include diversified and stable bioeconomy sector that strengthens the overall economy. The benefit also involves lesser dependence on the fossil fuels. Other benefits are better economic opportunities for rural communities, as outlined by experts at the OMICS Bioproducts conference, which is one among the scientific events. The additional use of feedstock also results in farm variation.

Environmental Benefits:

                It maintains production of renewable feedstocks to the optimum level. The potential growth of inexpensive medicinal drugs and vaccines and is thus beneficial from environment point of view. Another benefit that is discussed at the OMICS conference of bioproducts is the increased safety for the environment and lessening toxicity. Newer drugs that are environmentally safe can be produced. Various other benefits like the reduction of greenhouse emissions is discussed by experts at the OMICS Conference of bioproducts from environmental perspective.