Sunday, 24 March 2013

Relationship between Medicine and Biology

Medicine and Biology:

Medicine has two basic definitions, it represents  The Science of Healing; the practice of the analysis, treatment and prevention of disease, and the promotion of health and on other hand  the Medicines, drugs, ingredients used to treat and cure illnesses, and to promote health. 

                Medicine is a.) Drug
                                 b.) avoiding or treating diseases
                                 c.) Treatment of diseases which affects internal parts of the body.

Alternative Medicine contains any practice which statements to cure but does not fall within the realm of conventional/traditional medicine. In most situations, it is based on social or conventional traditions, instead of scientific proof. Scientific represents, for example, indicating the efficiency or a treatment or drug in a double-blind, random, long-term, large medical human study (clinical trial), in which the treatment or drug is in compared to either a placebo or another therapy/drug.

Relationship between Biology and Medicine:

Traditional way to the systematic study of natural sciences, such as biology and medicine, has often been prepared to take the reductionist path. The origins of such reductionism stem from the common assumption that characteristics are controlled by simple regulations. As a result, the most apparent strategy for understanding complicated organic systems in common was to reduce the system into smaller sized, simpler, and therefore more tractable, models.

                The huge of details produced through the reductionist approach over the last several years has not only assisted in knowing the biology of one's human body in some details, it has also permitted us to recognize the aberrations that happen under circumstances of various illness circumstances.

Limitations in Medicine:

The science of medication has particularly honored the reductionist strategy ever since its beginning. The overriding supposition was that any modifications in the physical condition was the result of breakdown, or changed operate, of the best element and, therefore, if that particular element could be focused and brought back to normalcy it would accomplish reversion of the changed physical condition to its normal condition.