Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Technologies in 2012

Technologies in 2012:

As we all well known that the day increases then the technology is updated. So keep updating your life with technology. As we look over here with the past technologies there are many technologies which has come and gone. If we look some of the technologies here.

Touch computing:

Tablets computers such as the iPad might seem like an awesome alternative to pc and laptops which I believe that they are more than that: They are more alternatives. Just as the control line provided way to graphical user connections, so the mouse will be updated by touch displays.

Social gestures:

Now a day the social media is very popular. In the social media the social gestures leads to latest trend of 2012 which was released by Facebook this is often called "frictionless sharing" performance eliminates the need to simply click a key to share media with your friends. Instead, everything you pay attention to, read or watch is instantly published to your information once you accept the appropriate application. You are aware of the applications such as Spotify in your Facebook news feed.

Basis Band:

We have seen the pulse rate monitors, pedometers, and so on. Soon, we have something even more innovative and useful known as the Basis Band. The Basis Band is a watch which is like a monitor with the latest technology to track almost everything in your body. It instantly finds your actions and keeps a record of things such as calorie consumption, heart rate and other physical exercises.

 Flexible displays:

There is a flexible screen which can be zoom in and zoom out and also scroll around the page by using your mobile or tablet. These displays of latest technology are introduced by mobile companies in 2012 which is very comfort to everyone.