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Radiology is the research of images of one's body system by the use of glowing power. A radiologist is a physician who has five to six years of extra coaching in decoding radiological pictures to identify and cure illnesses. When radiological images are taken, a radiologist's job is to understand outcomes and seek advice from with doctors to accomplish a diagnosis.

Radiologists do?

Most radiologists perform in a public or personal medical center or private radiology methods. They are there to help other doctors in diagnosing and treating sickness. Radiologists do this by knowing when an image analyzes may be required to answer a query about a symptom, disease, damage or therapy, etc., and also when imaging is unlikely to be beneficial.

 If an imaging test is required, radiologists know which analyze is likely to be the best one to answer the query, or, if more than one analyze is required, in which order the assessments should be done to get the best outcome.

Different types of Radiology are Diagnostic, Interventional and Therapeutic (called radiation oncology).


Diagnostic imaging uses simply X-ray radiology, computerised tomography (CT), magnetic resonance image (MRI), ultrasound evaluation examination and nuclear medicine image techniques to acquire images that are considered to aid in the research of illness.


Interventional radiologists cure as well as identify disease using imaging equipment. Interventional radiologists may sub-specialise further so that they only cure irregularities of the brain or spinal cord Interventional radiology is a non-invasive techniques using X-ray, magnetic or ultrasound examination pictures to information the techniques, usually done with small equipment and thin plastic tubes called catheters placed through an artery or vein. Interventional Radiology techniques begin with passing a needle through the skin to the focus on it is sometimes known as pinhole surgery.

Radiation oncology:

Radiation oncology uses rays to treat diseases such as cancer, using radiotherapy and other diseases. It is the powerful tool to cure cancer. These professionals are not known as radiologists.