Friday, 26 April 2013

Vehicles using Solar Power

Vehicles using Solar Power
Solar vehicles have been designed in the last many years and are operated by energy from the sun. Although they are not a realistic or economic form of transport at present, in the future they may play a role in reducing our reliance on losing fossil fuels such as petrol and diesel fuel. 
Solar power vehicle can only run effectively when the sun stands out, although most vehicles of this kind have a battery power back-up. Electricity is saved in the battery when the sun is shining and this power can be used when sun light is limited (cloudy). The batteries are normally nickel-metal hydride batteries (NiMH), Nickel-Cadmium batteries (NiCd), Lithium ion battery or Lithium polymer batteries.
Solar vehicles Use to Generate an Electrical Current?
A solar energy car can function in one of two ways. It can capture sunlight and direct the energy toward an variety energy, or use the solar power technology to straight energy the vehicle. In either case, the car uses uses solar panels that involve energy, which are made up of semiconductors. These devices process sunlight, which makes a flow of electrons to generate power.
Uses of solar energy in cars:
The use of solar energy in cars is now also gaining a lot of reputation. Fuel has been changed by the eco-friendly gas in most automobiles. Some vehicles use solar panels to awesome the heat range inside a car on hot summer days. They work on the air flow system of the car and you do not need to change on the air-conditioner to cool off.
The solar power is produced when the sun’s energy is stuck by the photovoltaic cells. Researchers are working to develop cars which will run entirely on solar power technology. The solar power car battery charger is also a very good device that will save you energy and requires very little sustenance.