Monday, 27 May 2013

Different Types of Blood Cancer

Blood cancer is a cancer which strikes the blood and bone marrow. There are mainly three types of blood cancer: leukemia, lymphoma, and multiple myeloma. These malignancies have different prognosis, based on the patient and the details of his condition.
1) Leukemia: The leukemia disease is cancer of the blood vessels or bone marrow. A person who has leukemia suffers from an abnormal production of blood vessel tissues, generally leukocytes which are nothing but white blood cells.
Types of Leukemia:
·         Chronic and Acute:
The leukemia is divided into four categories, each of which can be acute, a quickly advancing illness that results in the buildup of premature, ineffective tissues in the marrow and blood vessels, or Chronic, which advances more gradually and allows older, useful tissues to be made.
·         Lymphocytic and Myelogenous:
If the cancer transformation happens in the bone marrow that makes lymphocytes, the illness is known as lymphocytic leukemia. A lymphocyte is a type of white blood cell within the vertebrae immune system. If the cancer alteration occurs in the category of marrow tissues that go on to produce red blood cells, other types of white cells, and platelets, the illness is known as myelogenous leukemia.
blood cancer
2) Lymphoma:
Lymphoma is a cancer that starts in the lymphocytes of the immune system and provides as a solid tumor of lymphoid tissues. It is treatable with radiation treatment, in some situations radiotherapy and bone marrow transplant can be used. It can be treatable, based on the histology, kind, and level of the illness. These malignant cells often develop in lymph nodes, introducing as an augmentation of the node.
3) Multiple myeloma:
Multiple myeloma is also a category of blood cancer which produces in the bone marrow with the most action area of the shoulders and hips. Many of the blood cells produced in bone marrow, myeloma impacts plasma cells, and tissues that help to fight against the disease. 
These all are cancer types and there are many cancer treatments which is important for every patient.