Thursday, 30 May 2013

Long term memory Loss

Long term memory loss could occur, when you are not able to remember the name or face of the person whom you are meeting for a second time. Long-term memories are established when short-term memories or non-permanent memories are combined in the hippocampus, which is a brain framework in the inside temporary lobe. Once the memories are combined, they are available separate from the hippocampus in the neocortex, where they can be recovered. When an individual has long-term memory loss, he has problems remembering saved memories, not creating new memories.
long term memory loss
Causes of long term memory loss:
·         Injury:
If there is ever a brain injury that has occurred to the mind, this could lead to long term memory loss in the future. This can cause a lot of problems and discrepancy in the personal life. Long term memory loss can affect the way the world is considered by most of us.
·         Alcoholism:
The long term memory storage of different information and numbers can be impacted due to extended intake of liquor. So, this should be provided as a caution for those who are under the impact of liquor and should start preventing before it’s too late.
·         Aging:
Age factor has a major part to play in long term memory loss, owing to the deterioration in the functioning of the storage cells.
·         Neurodegenerative Disease:
Alzheimer’s disease and dementia are mainly considered to be the key cause of the short term memory loss. These illnesses have a direct effect on the brain and also an under effective thyroid present in the thyroid gland could lead to inadequate release of the testosterone and perhaps resulting in the same disease.
·         Stress:
Regular pressure and stress is also one of the key resulting in the disease which could have a terrible impact on a person living. So there should not be any stress and pressure set out in the mind. Some of the people have short term memory loss.