OMICS Conferences

Conferences by OMICS Publishing Group

OMICS Publishing Group:

OMICS Publishing Group Provides comprehensive information about current and upcoming conferences on discoveries in scientific arena including the medical domain, and has a record of organizing 90 events annually in various parts of the world.

OMICS Group Conferences:

OMICS Publishing Group organizes events and symposiums in the US and outside, that acts as a platform for the speakers and seasoned professionals to establish contact with peers globally.

Conferences organized by OMICS Publishing Group are a part of a line-up of events that involve a number of poster presentations and scientific learning programs that are conducted in an orderly way.

The OMICS Publishing Group’s platform is provided to enhance global cooperation in the field of medical research across geographies and presentation of the newest findings in respective domains, in addition to keynote addresses by eminent persons in the respective fields.

A detailed itinerary about the events and conferences is made available for maximum benefit of the attendees that involves real-time sharing of the progress in real-time, by bringing together the technocrats and the scientifically talented persons through such science conferences.

The conferences by OMICS Group provide an opportunity for professors and high-level scholars and practitioners to contribute to the global progress of science and medical profession. Previous and upcoming scientific conferences are presented on OMICS Publishing Group official website.