OMICS Journals

Journals by OMICS Publishing Group

OMICS Publishing Group presents online journals in scientific research and medicinal discipline by various authors, in order to present the information about latest advancements in scientific research for readers for free, through its Open Access methodology.

OMICS Journals:

OMICS Online provides a platform for the target audience to browse journals authored by specialists and carries a classified subject-wise assortment of the publications to be browsed by category, date and relevance to the field concerned.

The publications available through OMICS Group are for ready retrieval and reference in three formats like html, xml and pdf, and the same can be distributed and copied. We can find these open access journals database at OMICS Group official site in OMICS Publishing Group Journals.

OMICS Publishing Group Journals are also peer reviewed by various authors, who include senior professors in the respective fields of study at renowned universities in various countries.

OMICS publishing group follows certain terms whereby the content can be copied and distributed without any modifications provided the source is cited correctly, as OMICS Publishing group aims to contribute in progress of science and related studies.

A body of editors continually evaluates the content of the journals at OMICS publishing group based on the number of annual editorials through online tracking system, by allocating grades such as timelines, comments quality and total number of editorials published.

OMICS publishing Group maintains an Open Access database having a list of authors and their publications along with the archive of the journals that can be accessed by users through OMICS Publishing Group’s official Website OMICS Official Website.